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  • Parking brake cables, hood, trunk, gearbox.
  • Steel cable of twisted construction.
  • Protective multilayer polymer braid.
  • Anti-corrosion grease inside the braid.
  • Metal bushings, additional polymer clamps and fasteners.

Wiper blades

  • Hybrid wiper blades with universal mounting for European, Japanese, and Korean cars (additional adapters included)
  • The brushes are resistant to concentrated saline solution, reagents, etc.
  • AAA grade rubber guarantees excellent glass cleaning quality. Thanks to the addition of silicone, the cleaning tape remains flexible and retains elasticity at low temperatures.
  • The brushes are available in variations for summer and winter (winter brushes have a covering material that prevents moisture and other substances from entering the brush and prevents the wiper blade from freezing or jamming)

Cylinder Head Bolts

  • Metric thread according to ISO, special versions: fine thread, thrust thread, inch thread.
  • Carbon steel.
  • Anti-corrosion phosphorous protection.

Piston rings

  • Made to order at the TPR factory.
  • Three-component composition of rings TOP, 2ND, OIL.
  • DLC film – improves sliding, reduces friction when running the engine.

Cooling system pipes

  • Made of NBR.
  • Operating range from -40°C to +130°C.
  • Internal reinforcing cord.

Timing Chain Repair Kits

  • High-quality steel.
  • Four-phase quality control at all stages of production.
  • Compliance with ISO standards.

Cardan crosspieces

  • Alloy steel.
  • Quenching by high frequency current.
  • Seals are resistant to abrasives and fuels and lubricants.

Brake cylinders

  • High-quality seals/cuffs are resistant to abrasion.
  • They have an anti-corrosion coating.
  • OE compliance

High-voltage wires, Spark plugs

  • Ti•GUAR spark plugs: Automated production. Control of each stage of production. Platinum and Iridium electrodes.
  • Ti•GUAR High Voltage wires: Double silicone insulation and contact tips made of copper alloys and stainless steel. Operating range from -30°C to +100°C

Pumps (cooling system pump)

  • The use of high-quality bearings ensures reliable operation (more than 40 thousand km).
  • Oil seals with an extended temperature range of operation, to ensure reliable tightness.


  • Radiators of the internal combustion engine and interior heater:
  • Ti•GUAR all—metal aluminum radiators are reliable, durable and efficient radiators of European quality.
  • Their peculiarity lies in the use of core tubes of a special shape — flat-oval. Due to this, high heat transfer is achieved..
  • Radiators are manufactured using high-tech robotic welding, which guarantees their reliability and durability. In addition, the combination of copper, brass and aluminum in the alloy makes radiators flexible and resistant to mechanical influences.
  • The presence of heater nozzles in the kit.
  • Made in Finland

Heater motors

  • High-quality motor winding.
  • The increased cross-section of the brushes is a guarantee of long-lasting operation.
  • The use of reinforced twisted springs, for better pressing of brushes.


  • The use of fluoroscopy, during quality control, eliminates the presence of voids and air pockets in the steel.


  • The presence of a high-quality lubricant, with a type of PFPE, which is one of the leading in the world.
  • Quenching by high frequency current.

Timing Valves and Couplings

  • HDPE hardening of the coupling gear elements.
  • Modern quality control system with verification of each element.
  • Produced on conveyor assembly lines.

Optics and Body elements

  • Bumpers, radiator grilles, fenders, optics, linings, mudguards and much more.
  • OEM compliance.
  • An advantageous offer in its segment.

Pneumatic suspension elements (pneumatic cylinder)

  • Rubber-cord construction ensures long-lasting use, operating range from -45°C to +80 °C

sliding bearings

  • Bimetallic Ti•GUAR liners with an aluminum and copper content of at least 75%, as well as tin, zinc and cadmium in the liners – improve product characteristics in conditions of increased internal combustion engine loads.

Brake hoses

Tiguar brake hoses are made of high-quality components that ensure their high reliability and wear resistance. Technical specifications fully comply with the factory parameters.

The hose itself has a reinforced reinforcement that would provide resistance to bending and mechanical impact.

The tips are made of stainless steel, which ensures a reliable connection with other elements of the brake system.

We are confident in the quality of our own products, which is why this product group is guaranteed for up to 12 months:

An extended warranty is provided for certified partners.


Tiguar rollers are made of high-quality materials and fully meet the technical requirements of car manufacturers.

The roller mechanism itself is made of high-strength steel with the use of CNC machines (numerical control machines), which allows you to ensure the highest quality and eliminate the human factor.

Inside the rollers, a high-temperature lubricant is used, which makes them resistant to peak loads and overheating.

Each batch of rollers passes mandatory quality control, which allows you to provide a guarantee for the entire product group for up to 12 months.

An extended warranty is provided for certified partners.

Wing guards

The wing guards of the TiGuar Brand retain high strength and elasticity even at low temperatures. They have a layer of cotton that provides additional noise insulation.


The Ti’GUAR brand’s mudguards maintain high strength and elasticity even at low temperatures.

They are made of high-quality material that withstands temperature changes without losing quality characteristics from -50 degrees Celsius to 45 degrees Celsius.

Antifreeze and CVJ grease

The antifreeze of the Ti•GUAR brand is made for all cars and trucks

Its solutions freeze at lower temperatures, and when frozen, such a mixture does not expand and does not form a solid mass, which does not prevent the engine from starting.

9 types of components against rust, scale, foaming and gel formations. The brand gives a guarantee for the coolant up to 5 years.

The zerk of the Ti’GUAR brand is developed from water-resistant graphite components that include anti-friction and anti-corrosion additives.

Its usage increases the lifespan of parts and protects against adverse effects of friction force.

Steering rack repair kits

As a part of the Ti•GUAR steering rack repair kits, NOK oil seals are used.

The kits contain the maximum possible set of elements to repair the steering slat.

Repair kits and caliper guides

The repair kits of the Ti’GUAR brand consist of:

  • protective dusters;
  • cumulatives
  • gaskets;
  • weather strips;
  • pilots;
  • helical screws;
  • fixations.

All components are resistant to temperature changes, provide tightness, have high durability.

The zerk, which is a part of the kit, is resistant to moisture and various chemical compounds, retains viscosity at high temperatures.

The caliper guides are made of high-hardened metal.


The NOK is used in the Ti’GUAR brand straps. The components have a high heat resistance, which guarantees their long service life.

A silicone stencil stamp is applied to the surface of the pads for an airtight connection between the head of the cylinder block and the block itself.


The Ti’GUAR air filters provide minimal air resistance.

They capture up to 99.98% of dust particles, soot and tire wear products, which allows you to filter out almost all particles larger than 3 microns and prevent premature wear of valves, cylinder surfaces, piston rings, bearings and other engine components.

The processing of filter paper with a special synthetic resin increases the cartridge’s resistance to moisture and chemicals.

The oil filters of the TiGuar Brand provide the working of all the mechanisms of the car and protect the engine. They have a high quality filtering.

The saloon filters of the TiGuar brand perfectly retain small polluting particles and prevent their penetration into the interior of the car, provide safety, comfort, protection of the radiator and engine of the heater from pollution. They maintain its functions from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fuel filters of the TiGuar brand have an improved design thanks to the best cleaning, contribute to the preservation of optimal performance of the engine and high-quality fuel filtration, thus preventing the failure of the gas pump and fuel equipment

The Ti’GUAR APC filters have a quality filtering material, promote efficient cleaning of the liquid, providing smooth switching and driving comfort, and the excellent bandwidth of the purified oil ensures the correct operation of the oil pump and the mechanisms of the AG.

Engine support cushion

The engine cushions of the TiGuar Brand are designed in compliance with strict factory specifications, are made of high-quality materials. They are resistant to loads and cracking.

Drive belts and timing belts

Belts of the drive brand Ti’GUAR are characterized by increased oil resistance (exclude harmful effects on the surface of mineral oils and fats in a small amount), heat and frost resistance (the products withstand temperature changes without losing quality characteristics from -45 degrees Celsius to 120 degrees Celsius).

The reinforced nylon weaving at the base of the belts increases their service life by 30%.

Eccentrics and wheel studs

The eccentrics and wheel studs of the brand TiGuar are of high quality and durability in use. They are made exclusively of high strength steel.

Brake discs

Brake discs of the Ti • GUAR brand have a stylish design and are reliable and durable in any conditions.

The smooth working surface of the discs reduces brake pad wear and ensures smooth and comfortable braking.

The ventilation used in the design allows the heat to dissipate, preventing the disk from overheating.

The high-carbon cast iron is used for manufacturing which prevents cracks and twisting of the disk, increasing corrosion resistance.

Brake pads

The TiGuar brake pads are manufactured according to the factory drawings and OEM specifications. They withstand extreme loads, work effectively at temperatures up to 500 ° C. They are produced in 2 types: semi-metallic and ceramic.

The metal pads contain 30 to 65 percent metal, are durable and have a good heat output.

The TiGuar ceramic pads are the most advanced in the lineup. They consist of ceramic fibers, non-ferrous metal fillers and various binders. They are characterized by increased performance, maximum wear resistance and heat resistance.

Also, note that for using ceramic pads it is not necessary to use ceramic discs.

Ceramic pads work effectively also in combination with steel discs, while you do not have to be afraid of premature wear of the disk, even, on the contrary, ceramic pads are softer than usual ones and wear out the steel disc much less.

In the production of both types of pads the asbestos-free technologies are used, thanks to which the entire production is environmentally friendly and does not harm the environment.

The working part of the product is formed under high pressure, which makes the material homogeneous and reduces its porosity.

The metal base of the pad is coated with a special powder composition to prevent corrosion when operating in the most adverse climatic conditions.

Please note that the pads are the key elements of the safety of the car, therefore, it is necessary to be extremely responsible for the timely replacement of this consumable.

All products of this TiGuar brand are guaranteed for up to 12 months. You can read more about all the terms of the warranty in the warranty policy section of this site

Ignition coils

The Ti’GUAR brand ignition coils are carefully designed to work optimally with different engines.

The brand’s coils are much more compact, have a cylindrical shape and can be installed in a candle block directly into the candle well of the CBH.

Also, thanks to the use of high-quality metals and diagonal winding, the magnetic recoil of ignition coils has been significantly increased. In practice, this means the greater reliability, higher speed of high voltage current production.

Fuel pumps

Fuel pumps of the Ti•GUAR brand differ in the best characteristics in comparison with analogs, noticeably affect the positive operation of the injector and the engine as a whole.

The main advantages of the Brand’s pumps are their stable work of reverse and bypass valves, high performance and durability.


The Ti•GUAR brand suspension and support bearings are manufactured to be particularly durable and wear resistant.

They provide a reliable and smooth steering system for a large number of kilometers.

The bearings undergo a complex hit treatment process to maximize the strength of the fabrication material and increase the life of the product.

High-quality sealing elements prevent contamination and prolong the service life of the bearings.

Constant velocity joints (CVJ)

The constant velocity joints (CVJ) of the brand Ti’GUAR are created with the use of ultra-strength metal hardening technologies, which provides a long service life.

The CVJ duster is made of a rubber mixture based on natural rubber with silicone additives, and this increases its resistance to weather conditions, temperature changes, the ingress of chemicals and reagents.

The CVJ duster retains its characteristics in harsh climatic conditions up to -49 degrees Fahrenheit.

The composition of water-resistant graphite zerk includes anti-friction and anti-corrosion additives. The use of it allows to extend the life of spare parts and protect against adverse effects of friction force.

Tie-rod ends

The ti’GUAR tie-rod ends are made of high-quality steel and meet all operational requirements and are noted for maximum strength and durability.

The 24-hour salt spray test indicates that the tie-rod ends have an improved corrosion resistance as well as a resistance to humid atmospheres with a high salt content.

Stabilizer links

The Ti’GUAR stabilizer links are designed with the highest operational loads.

Mud, heat, frost, water are regular working conditions for the links of the Ti’GUAR stabilizer.

Wear-resistant hinges and reliable dusters ensure long-term wear-free operation, and the phosphate coating provides reliable metal protection from chemical destruction and maintains a neat appearance of parts for the entire service life.

Stub-axle steerings

The stub-axle steerings of the Ti’GUAR brand are specially designed for faster and more accurate driving on roads with different quality road surfaces.

The steerings are made exclusively of forched steel, all landfill surfaces are processed by innovative patented technology.

Track rods

The track rods of the Ti’GUAR brand are made with the use of innovative technologies from high-quality wrought steel.

The rods are adapted to the design of each individual chassis and are presented in a huge range.


Steel, aluminum and iron suspension gear Ti•Guar are executed according to factory drawings, and correspond to the parts that are delivered to the assembly line.

They are manufactured in two ways: casting and stamping, the method is determined by the technical requirements that apply to the particular car model and the part itself.

In the Gears product group there are already, there are already more than 200 names of parts, more than 100 names are in development and completion.

Some types of gears are assembled by robotic welding due to the complexity of the shape. This is a reliable method that maintains a tight connection between the component parts of the product.

There is a special coating that protects the part from the effects of reagents and subsequent rust on the top of the metal.

After the initial assembly and processing, the gears are sent for milling. There, the necessary technological holes for oil seals and threaded connections with ball joints are drilled.

Please note that the safety and accuracy of the car control directly depends on the condition of the suspension gear to avoid unforeseen road situations, it is important to diagnose the condition of the car in time and change the gears.

The Products produced by Tiguar are guaranteed for 6 months and can be found in detail in the relevant section of the website

Controllable balls

The Ti • GUAR brand controllable balls provide high-class performance due to low friction in pivot parts, high wear resistance and guarantee precise and safe maneuvering.

Shock Absorber Bushing

The silent blocks of the Ti’GUAR brand are made of the first-class materials and are designed with the strictest specifications.

They provide optimal absorption of vibrations in any mechanisms, withstand the most severe conditions and heavy loads.

The silent block bushings of natural rubber, created with the help of the latest technology, improve vehicle handling and are noted for a longer life service.


The spacer of the Tiguar brand is easy to install, does not require additional maintenance during operation and will serve for more than a year due to resistance to corrosion and industrial chemicals.

Created with the latest technology, the spacers withstand extreme weather conditions and heavy loads, as well as noting for longer lifespan.


The bushings of the Ti’GUAR brand of natural rubber improve the handling of the car and are noted for their long lifespan.

These bushings are not affected by oils, alkalins, ozone and hydrocarbons, they can withstand extreme weather conditions and serious loads without cracking and decoloration over time.

Shock absorber dusters, CVJ, steering rack

The dusters serve a protective function by preventing the undesired entry of dirt and dust into the machinery.

In the case of shock absorbing posts, the duster prevents contamination of the rod and gland sealing damage.

In the drives, the duster protects the angular velocity bar, and prevents the grenade from collapsing prematurely while retaining the zerk inside.

In the steering rack, the duster protects the traction with hinge and slats, which are extremely sensitive to external factors.

Our company is extremely responsible for the production of rubber products, so we carefully select and constantly improve the process of production of rubber products.

Directly rubber itself is used of two types: natural and synthetic. Natural rubber is highly elastic, and synthetic is highly elastic and resistant to extreme effects.

A well-chosen combination of different types of polymers makes the dusters resistant to the aggressive effects of the environment, and operate without problems in countries with harsh climates.

The dusters of the Ti’GUAR brand retain their physical properties at temperatures of up to -54 degrees C. They do not enter into a chemical reaction with fuel and zerk. When stretched and compressed, they retain the original shape.


The resource of the dusters is comparable to the resource of the spare part it protects, accordingly, it is imperative to change the boot with each replacement of the unit.

Even in case of premature replacement of a part, it is necessary to change the boot, because it accumulates dirt particles in itself, which, when reinstalled, can already get inside the protected part and damage it.

Shock absorber support

The Ti•GUAR brand supports are notable for their adaptability, which simplifies the installation by adjusting the support of the shock absorber post to aid in camber adjustment.

Rubber is characterized by increased elasticity and durability.

Shock Absorbers for cars

Shock absorbers and shock struts Ti•Guar are made of high quality steel with the use of robotic welding.

The assortment of the brand includes gas-oil and oil-filled shock absorbers, and depending on the brand and model of the car, the type of suspension, the brand produces one-tube and two-tube shock absorbers.

Shock stems are made on machine tools with a computer numerical control (CNC) in order to achieve the maximum level of compliance with factory tolerances.

The distinktive Feature of the Ti•Guar shock absorbers is a softer and smoother operation in comparison with analogues of the same price category: this is achieved through fluid selection and factory valve adjustments.

The shock absorbers use oil seals from the Japanese manufacturer NOK, which ensure the operation of the product under high loads and with all the factors that arise during operation on roads with different road surfaces:


The NOK oil seals are used in the design.

The operating temperature range of the shock absorbers is from -40 ° C to + 120 ° C degrees Celsius. The product retains working capacity for 6 million cycles.

Warranty policy:

The original Ti•Guar shock absorbers are guaranteed, the terms of which can be found in the corresponding section of our website: «warranty policy»

Each Ti∙Guar Shock Absorber is marked according to its type and purpose:

Расшифровка амортизатора

Decoding of the shock absorber marking.

Pay attention!

A shock absorber is an element of a car’s suspension, upon which the accuracy of car control, the safety of your passengers and you depends. Do not forget about timely diagnostics and replacement according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and the type of vehicle operation.